Upnesh Prasad

Procurement and Contract Management Consultant

Upnesh is an Associate within our Procurement Improvement service offer. An accounting professional with over eight years of experience with multiple skills covering many financial and procurement areas such as financial statements, budgeting, auditing practices, taxation, economic regulations, tenders and procurement, preparation of contracts, contract management, sales, account management, business management and customer service

Upnesh has worked with the Fiji National University and the Fiji Procurement Office in the supply chain division procuring for the major projects. He has worked with the University and Fiji Procurement Office in managing and improving the procurement functions of the organization and working with the team to overcome major business challenges

He has worked closely with procurement and business functions to clearly define and execute procurement strategies. Assess procurement functions, processes and information/ data to understand gaps and develop procurement practices and strategies. Manage execution of procurement strategies including supplier engagement during RFI/ RFP processes and supporting supplier negotiations.

Upnesh has extensive knowledge in procurement including identification of specifications and requirements, market analysis, cost analysis, supplier identification, negotiations and contracting, logistics and insurance and contract management.