This coming Thursday 25th May at 10.45am, Richard McKenzie-Browne, Founder and Technical Director – Procurement for MB Associates, will be delivering a Seminar on:

Supply Chain Risks and Opportunities

10:45 AM Thursday 25 May 2017, in conjunction with the INTENT Group

This presentation will address how you can optimise your supply chain procurement methodologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness and subsequently reduce costs through smart procurement and best practice vendor assurance. Aimed at any organisation, large or small the presentation offers a leading perspective on the benefits of collaboration with suppliers throughout the complete supply chain.

The presentation will introduce concepts from defining your product quality requirements through to conducting quality improvement plans and creating supplier ratings. It will address how to select your most appropriate suppliers, the benefits of evaluating alternative suppliers, cooperation during the contract term and validating contract terms.

This years SouthMach17 is promising to be the biggest and best exhibition in the history of the event, and Richards Seminar will certainly be worth listening to.

For more information on the event you can visit the SouthMach17 website:


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