Julia Croft



A Procurement professional with experience in all aspects of supply chain, Julia has worked in both corporate and factory environments in Australasia, North America and Europe over the past 20 years.

She has strong commercial acumen and can analyze and understand the intricacies of supplier business models along with their cost structures. This insight allows her to leverage better outcomes for her clients that deliver:
• Reduced cost of products and services inputs
• Freed up working capital and increased profitability
• Improved quality of products and service outputs
• Simplified and easier the business processes

Julia is experienced in all aspects of negotiation and contract management. An example is the sourcing and implementation of contracts associated with outsourcing a key component for a client. With a spend in the tens of millions, this project delivered an annual saving of around 15%. Service levels were maintained or improved on all items.

Her experience includes developing responses where an unforeseen adverse event has impacted a business. By being able to renegotiate existing contracts she was able to halve the financial impact on her client. In the process the relationship with the supplier was developed and improved so that they also gained a better position in their allocation on a limited capacity item. A win-win outcome.

Julia has the expertise and business understanding to gain benefits for her clients while driving improvements in supplier performance in all areas. She can build closer relationships between supplier and customer enabling better cooperation along the supply chain.