Much is happening in international fields. Facilities Management is creating topical discussion as new technology evolves to replace the die hard systems and processes of the past. BIM (Building Information Modelling) seems to dominate the evolution space as we gain incredible depth and detail in design and through life cost analysis.

Many public sector construction projects in NZ call upon some level of Green Star compliance as we embrace the sustainability demands of modern construction.

But how are we fairing in comparison to the world stage? How can we demonstrate our intentions to improve our effectiveness and efficiency in Facilities Management at a National level. Do we really need to do anything at all?

At a basic level, the appetite to engage in integrated FM (where services are bundled for economies of scale or integrated into a long term DBO contract) is dictated by the procurement methodology. So in essence, the procurement departments within both the public and private sectors can and will dominate how we move forward in comparison to our international counterparts.

Many would argue that in New Zealand we just don’t have the scale to develop elaborate integrated FM regimes, the concentration of our procurement efforts should be in the construction phase because that is where the highest spend sits. Wrong….only about 20% of the whole life costs of a building asset for a 40 year period is related to construction. A massive 70% relates to the facilities management cost of the building! For the mathematicians out there, the remaining 10% relates to financing costs and design fees.

Which forces the question: Are we really paying attention to all of the costs that really matter in the building and asset lifecycle? With the technology available to us to thoroughly rationalise and realise facility efficiency and economy gains, coupled with the worldwide common practice being developed, one might feel that we are missing a trick.

Time for the our procurement departments to take centre stage and either lead or take example in this rapidly evolving arena.

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